One Love, One God, One Concern – A talk by Shaykh Ahmed Abdo.

oneloveOn Tuesday the 26th of August, The Edinburgh Muslim Community Association presented a talk: “One Love, One God, One Concern: Turning from The World to the One” by Shaykh Ahmed Abdo.
At the Anwar-e-Madinah Mosque (Upstairs), 43-45 Annandale St, Edinburgh EH7 4AZ

Shaykh Ahmed Abdo is an Australian Muslim who has studied the sacred Islamic Sciences with the Rihla program in Andalucia and Dar Al Mustafa in Yemen. He often speaks publicly on Islam and is very active as a coordinator and advisor in youth and community organisations promoting social change. He has a deep interest in teaching the essentials one requires in our spiritual wayfaring to God.


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