Our Events

call2Over the years we have put on regular events in the city of Edinburgh. Each event is listed below. Click on any event to find out more:

Saint Mary Film Event

The Feminine Principle in Islam – Imam Luqman Ali

The Individual and Society – Imam Nusrah Cassiem

Celebrating Life – Imam Nusrah Cassiem

The Sufic Path

Intent – Exploring the Core of Being Human – Shaykh Ebrahim Schuitema

Transactional Correctness Workshop – Shaykh Ebrahim Schuitema

The Power of Dream and Story in Islam – Imam Luqman Ali

Can God Abandon Me? – Imam Abdul Latif Finch

One Love, One God, One Concern – Shaykh Ahmed Abdo

Making Sense of a Crazed & Cruel World – Ustadh Jamal ud-Deen Hysaw