Celebrating Life

Everybody at TEMCA would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came to the symposium “Celebrating Life”. Without your presence it would have not been possible and more importantly, without purpose and meaning.

We extend our honest gratitude to the speakers Imam Nusrah Cassiem, who travelled all the way from South Africa just for this event, Shaykh Abd Aziz Fredricks and Madge Bray, all of whom were wonderful speakers and brilliant shining lights for all present.

We would also like to thank those who contributed to make this event possible, however small their contribution was. It truly was a meeting of hearts and gave a whole new meaning to the term “follow your heart”. The sayings taken from the symposium that best sum up the day’s events are:

“Don’t let life get in the way of living”

“Don’t let religion stop you from finding God”


“You have no needs beyond yourself.
…if you but reflect.”

Truly a celebration of life in every sense, the dynamics of the various speakers complimented each other perfectly and drew out the potential of all present in such a way that could never have been planned. We celebrated the fact that we can truly feel alive and inter-connected and we must do our best to maintain the movement created.

“Celebrating Life” helped us to re-define and re-align ourselves as individuals and also as an organisation affirmed the work that we are doing and gave us the positive energy needed to continue with our work.

Each event we have organised has increased in attendance and blessings and we hope to build upon that and pray for long term success. We thank you all for your interest and enthusiasm and ask you to please spread the word and share your experience with others.