Living the Universal Message

The Edinburgh Muslim Community Association would like to thank everyone who came to our recent event “Living the Universal Message”. It was a wonderful night which exceeded all of our expectations. The synopsis of the night is as follows:

“The life of an ‘awakened’ heart is far more in tune with the pulse of time and unfolding events than a heart sickened by spiritual decay. To avoid inner conflict, mental and emotional fatigue our journey must begin by seeking what we know is Divine Truth, which is found within.Then comes the realization that one’s existence is held together by that Divine Truth. The final challenge is living by it…”

It was great to see new faces and welcome back those who have attended our previous events. It was also inspiring to see the effort that people made to attend and participate in the event travelling from Newcastle, South Africa, Glasgow and Sweden.

We extend our heart felt gratitude to our speakers without whom the event would not have been possible. Thank you to Me’moona Sa’eed, Abd Al Hadi Stendlert and especially to Imam Nusra Cassiem who despite the distance from South Africa is wholly committed to our work in Scotland and who also over the course of the weekend also led us in other spiritual gatherings as can be seen below.

On the night Sister Me’moona shared with us her experience of ‘Spiritual decay’ from her own life and within society, by trying to identify the root causes of spiritual decay.

Her talk was then followed by Imam Nusra who gave prescriptions for the treatment of these spiritual ills, based on an Islamic understanding of the various dimensions of the Heart, our true guide and the reflector of the Soul.

The night was brought to a close by Abd Al Hadi Stendlert giving advice to those present by way of sharing with us his own spiritual journey, drawing from his own experience.

As an organisation this event has strengthened our belief in the importance of the work we are doing in Edinburgh, being able to reach out to all. We thank you all for your support and enthusiasm and ask you to please spread the word and share your experience with others.