Saint Mary Film Event

TEMCA’s first public event was on July the, 18th 2006. We organised our first interfaith event at the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh. This took the form of a screening of the Iranian film ‘Saint Mary’ which documents the story of Mary, mother of Jesus, a figure of reverence for both the Muslim and Christian communities. To our knowledge it is the first time in Scotland that Muslims and Christians have engaged in dialogue around the personality of Mary.

The event was sold out with approximately 100 people attending from all faiths and schools of thought. There was a screening of the film, followed by a Q & A session with Dr Saeed Bahmanpour the script writer of the film, along with Sister Isabel Smyth, teacher of Theology at Glasgow University and one of the founding members of the Scottish Inter Faith Council. After the screening the Q&A session allowed people to be engaged and ask questions with both scholars relevant to the film and their respective faiths.

We provided free leaflets, Islamic books like ‘Jesus on Ethics’, ‘Mary in Islam’ and copies of the ‘Holy Quran’. ‘The Islamic Education Board’ also attended and provided a book stall covering many subjects. Sheikh Abbas from the IEB said on their website that “The event was very well organised and it was a pleasure to be involved.” We had an incredibly positive response and it was a great example of how we function as a group.

The Film is now available to watch on Youtube: