The Call of the Eternal

The Edinburgh Muslim Community Association would like to thank all those who attended our talk “The Call of the Eternal” by Imam Nusrah Cassiem.

In a warm and insightful talk, Imam Nusrah shared with us his reflections on how, through the remembrance of Allah or the Divine, we can transform the perception of our past from being a series of traumatic events, into an understanding that what we have received are in fact blessings.

Then when we turn away from that which is immaterial in our lives we can discover the meaning and purpose of our existence and follow its natural path.

The talk could be best summed up in the following narrative: “Everyone has two faces, their own face (i.e. the self) and the face of the Divine. With regards to face of the self it is insignificant, with regards to the face of the Divine that is its true reality.”

We would also like to thank the Edinburgh Festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality of Peace for giving our organisation the opportunity to take part in this wonderful and valuable festival.