The Power of Dream and Story in Islam

Event Description:

Underpinning all conflict and competition, whether military, ideological or economic, is the most important war of all: the war of dreams and stories. From dreams and stories arise aspirations and ideals that mold character, set orientation and mobilise all human pursuits. The Qur’an is largely composed of stories. The Prophet Muhammad devoted a major proportion of his mission to exploring and telling stories by the Divine command “…tell them the stories so that they will reflect!” (7:176)

In this talk, the speaker will present his thesis that storytelling is more integral to the prophetic transmission and embodiment of Islam than the elaboration of doctrine, dogma or legal injunctions. The low estimation in which stories and dreams are held in the Muslim world and the failure to effectively share the story of Islam with the modern world is indicative of a community out of touch with the dynamics and patterns of the creational story, out of touch with the primal impulses of humanity and out of touch with their hearts.

About the Speaker:

Luqman Ali, a second-generation African American Muslim, studied for several decades the sciences and languages of Islam, and the cultures of the Middle East and the Indian Sub-continent. He has worked as a linguist, writer, translator, community worker, teacher and lecturer as well as International Programmes Co-ordinator for Relief International UK, a humanitarian organisation providing aid and relief to refugees in the Middle East.

Luqman is the co-founder, chief conceptualist and artistic director of award winning ‘Khayaal’, the first professional theatre company offering audiences a fascinating experience of Muslim world culture through contemporary art forms.